Help me salvage my battery pack

Hi everyone, Awhile ago I had someone build me a 6s4p pack. Used it only a handful of times then one the cells voltage started to drift. The esc/charger only recognize it as 5s now. Anyways, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to remove the dead cells and reconfigure to a 10s2p? I don’t have a spot welder. 15572508096012117590423

If no spot welder:

check if someone in your area has a spot welder

Get @Winfly modules

Get nese modules


Yeah I was thinking about some nese modules. But as far as disassembling the pack can I just cut the nickel strips?

Or winfly modules as well. Just haven’t looked into those as much.

I don’t think that would work well. The picture is a bit blurry above but it seems like whoever built it made holes i the nickel strip and soldered through the hole to the cell.

Cutting the strip will still have a blob of solder on each end which will be a problem for a compression pack since they are designed to be accurate to a unmodified cells dimensions i.e. expected to be 65mm long not 67mm long.

Certainly the nickel could be cut, this would allow you to place them in individual cell chargers that vapers use. Find any crapped out cells and set those aside.

Then if you have the mad skillz, you could either

  • very hot 100W soldering iron for ~1s
  • dremel with a non conductive grinder bit (important to create a insulated blanket around the positive anode to not have a short)

Either method is not an easy/guaranteed task so I’m going to get flamed for that :point_up_2: no doubtskis


Yeah I was wondering about the the soldering on the nickel strip. It was supposed to be just spot welded… overall what do you think about the craftsmanship of the battery? Lol

IMG_20190509_113928410 IMG_20190509_121012992_HDR IMG_20190509_120944788_HDR IMG_20190509_121007721_HDR IMG_20190509_120936615_HDR IMG_20190509_113848427 IMG_20190509_120952843_HDR IMG_20190509_120958249_HDR I managed to separate the pack from 6s4p to 3s4p, 1s4p, 1s4p, and 1s3p with the bad cell removed. The pack was really easy to seperate. I thought spot welded was really sturdy?


Yeah that’s spot welded mostly, if the welds are good the nickel should rip when you ‘roll’ it off with needle pliers, carefully not to short on positive end

But since it welded you could just trim it down and check the spare cells and charge them, maybe use in a compression pack

No fishpaper protection so really watch out you don’t short through pvc jacket