Help me take apart my benchwheelCrap

So, i have a stuck engine at my board.

And for some reason i cant get the drive train off. Or whatever it would be called in “Eboards” language :stuck_out_tongue:

Can somone please help me get it off to i can replace the engine ? I allready broke the god damn thing getting fustrated at it :'D

Cant help you out with your stuck " Motor " but can help you out with this below :slight_smile:

Motor = runs on electricity Engine = runs on combustion

nope, diden’t work to go and call it a motor …


You have a picture of whats stuck?

Its this “pulley” i need to get off.

Pulleys usually have a set screw. If there is no set screw, you may have to heat up the pulley with a heat gun and tap the shaft that the pulley sits on with a hammer. Just make sure the motor mount fastening screws to the motor are removed before using the hammer.

where should i look for that set screw ? Allready did the hammer… The shaft have move out on the motor side.

Dont know whether its a problem ?, but at this point i am so sick of this shit that i just want it off so i can find an alternative.

Pulley Puller + Heat (to soften the threadlocker)

Don’t use a battery puller, the flanges on the pulley are aluminum and will bend before the pulley moves. You have to use heat then a large flat head screwdriver and pry the pulley off with brute force. Make sure the two set screws on the pulley are taken off first.

hmm, i actually order one like this recently from ebay. Might have to wait this one out before i try and rip this expensive shitwheel apart.

Memmo to anyone who are gonna buy a benchwheel. Dont. Mine is only 1 month old and is ready for the trash more or less.

Jinra i really have tried a lot with the flat head screwdrivers, how much heat do i need for this to work out ?

It’s mostly the torque, just a bit of heat to soften the thread locker from the set screws. I used a lighter and held it to the pulley for a minute. It’ll come off just use a bit of force. I’ve taken the entire drive train apart.

100 - 200°

On one of these benchwheels ? They seem to bet stuck together by pure garbage.

Those set screws, where am i supposed to find them ? I cant find any screws on the shaft/pulley ?

there should be two (unless maybe you have a different revision) on the teeth of the pulley

when you say teeth … you mean here right ? Cuz there was nothing.

Just took the board out with only 1 motor, the other still connected. For some reason it begins to spin when the board is shaken and get max power … seems like a short … So now i know for sure i just need to get the motor off and replace it.

Maybe you have a different revision. are there cir clips on the ends?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that pulley is glued on. Without the presence of a set screw or any type of retaining clip somethings holding it on. If its glue, try heat and pull.

there where a clip at the end, a pretty shitty one though … Broke when i tried to remove it.

Gonna wait for the puller, then try with heat, puller and flat screwdriver … Cant wait to tell how this shit was garbaged together.

When you figure it out and fix it, would you mind post how you did it and what parts you used on this thread?

I’m trying to put together a thread of just repairs and upgrades on chinese boards. There seem to be lot of people buying these and needing to upgrade or repair them. I want this thread to be like a transition into building your own board from scratch. Learn as you go situation. Lol

I will do mate :slight_smile:I am expecting my parts to arrive any day now, when they do i will post a guide on what i did and how i did it.