Help mounting enclosure! - Suggetions on How 2 Mount Enclosures

Hello, I need suggestions on how to place a plastic ABS enclosure to a wood board. Any ideas?

Lol screws?

Duct tape?



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adjustable clevis pins if you want easy access.

Thank you! I will try those when I get my abs

Did you make that just for me?

Hahah friggin hilarious

I will try that thanks!

Yes I did…Yes I did


@ArmandR we don’t mean to come off like jerks lol all in good fun…

Most common is screwing to the deck…Velcro even… I forget … Whatshisname is thinking abt using magnets…

What ever keeps it on the board…hey maybe you come up with a diffrent cool way of mounting and enclosure…share it :facepunch:t2:

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liiiiiies, I bet you always use abs enclosures :stuck_out_tongue:

You got me…haha. 20. Ha

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Is there any way one can order a custom plastic enclosure online? I’ve made my own enclosure in Solidworks and it would be really nice if there was an affordable way to bring it to life.

3D Print services?

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