Help! My board is still really slow!

Hi guys/gals

Fairly new here, but definitely have been reading before I was even a member. I read another post about someone else’s board being slow but it seemed they got it figured out with gear ratios. I have a pennyboard that I put bigger trucks, 270kv motor, 70mm wheels, and had a 16:48 gear ratio on a 6S battery with the same ESC as the Meepo board. Was getting about 7-8mph full charge…

Recently upgraded to 90mm wheels, 15:36 gear ratio on a HTD 5m belt, and it is way more sturdy than what I had. I am STILL getting only 8-9mph full charge and I did gain more torque going uphill but where is the speed! I used a calculator at a low 60% efficiency and it says I should be getting 15.8 MPH…What am I doing wrong?

post a picture of your setup, it’ll help us pinpoint the problem.

Isn’t the meepo 10s? I would say low voltage is your issue

he should still be doing better than 9mph with 6s and that motor/gear ratio.

On those ESC, I dunno, they have a fixed voltage setting and cutoffs It might be that it’s a 7S version…6S would work but in low power

kind of in shambles at this point, I took everything off but these were some pictures without the ESC in, I can put it back together and take some more tomorrow. But that ESC lets you choose 6S 7S or 10S

Are you sure you chose 6S?

yep, I had an earlier problem where I didn’t realize it was on 7s, and it keeps beeping until you have the right setting on for the battery

have you checked your battery voltage and current?

When I charg on the imax b6, I stop them at 12.6V but I have not checked current on them yet. I used a voltmeter before when they weren’t on full charge but still had a little over 11V on each

what batteries are you using? Do you have a photo of them?

Nvm, it’s late :yum:

And I connect them in Series not parallel so definitely have 6S

Haha, good to know. Had a fellow on here a while back that had his pack all kinds of miswired. Do you notice any improvement when the batteries are fully charged, rather than nearly dead? (11v is getting near the bottom.)

Silly question, does your remote have a speed mode switch?

I haven’t ridden too much since the 90mm upgrade but it seems full charge did nothing since I only gained a MPH on full charge and bigger wheels from the 70mm. The remote does have a fast and slow mode and i was on the fast mode when i tested

Are you sure you’re not hitting the erpm limit on your Esc? 270kv and 6s might get you there.

I think the meepo board uses hub motors so the esc is designed for hub motors with a max rpm limit. I have one of there ESC. My set up is 10s 7000mah, 40/20 gears and 90mm wheels and dual 200kv motors. I get like 19 to 22mph. And I use the same brand of batteries as you

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Can you show the wiring in the box with the batteries connected?