Help! My board is still really slow!

I’m pretty sure @Wilsonliang777 has the right idea. If it is the esc from banggood I’m pretty sure that is the hub motor version

@pennyboard I am not sure how to tell if I am or not from the ESC. The motor definitely spins up good and then maxes out really fast but I don’t get why it is different from other set ups. Is it a possibility that the ESC is mostly just ideal to be set up on 10s basically? I will put it back together and take a lot more pictures today (soon).

Did u buy from person or ebay? Maybe @dickyho has experienced this…

Sort of sounds likeu got hub motor version, which has way less rpm per motor when spinning the wheels… ive heard the ebay esc is also limited to 40kph or so, so in your case u get 3x lower limit

I was unaware of a difference between hub motor version, and I can’t find a lot of info on these things. This is from the right seller - but the listing has changed, and it is not the same version. But that is what I am currently on.

And I have also used the banggood version with the same results.

And here are some pictures

Battery 1: 12.41 volts Battery 2: 12.38volts after series connector: 24.8 volts

So it is definitely getting good power

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Banggood sells the hub motor ESC, That is 99% for sure. And the eBay listing you posted also said hub motor. So the solution to your problem is to buy hub motors or increase voltage to 10s or keep increase gear ratio or buy new not hub motor ESC.

When I use the esk8 calculator to figure my speed I set the my motor kv to 120kv instead of my real motor kv of 200kv. And the result is pretty correct.

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This? The product spec says nothing about it being for hub

Edit:ok I spent more time looking through the product description and although it doesn’t say it there the reviews/Q&As seem to indicate this is for hub motors…blueergh

Banggood is not that good with details. They don’t change listing or correct them. And CS agents don’t know the items that they are selling because they sell so many things. They do have a good refund and keep the item police.

So it didn’t let me post I had to wait for 14 hours etc… but what it sounds like is that if its an ESC for hub motors, then use hub motors. :confused: just ordered a set and I really hope it will fix this issue. Will update when I get them.

wow it looks like you cut off alot from the truck to get the mount on. I wouldn’t go above 10mph on that! full size unmodified trucks have already snapped!

@saul unfortunately cheap motor mounts will do that haha but I’ve never had an issue with it so far.

My guess would be the problem is this esc is for hubs. That means that the ESC is expecting a 1/1 gearing ratio and you do not have that.

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yea but you do, you won’t see it coming. thats the problem!