Help! My electric long board will bind but the motors won't run!

So I bought this electric long board of a friend for cheap, as they could not bind the remote with the receiver, so they decided to buy a new one. They sold it to me, I accidentally figured out how to bind the controller with the receiver, but now the motors aren’t running! Help! I am totally new to this hobby and would love to get this thing running. Maybe I should buy new electronics for this thing? Is it worth it? I bought it off them for under $100. It is dual drive 700W. I believe the brand is SMTBOARD model # SM008. Here is a link to aliexpress: attached is a couple images of the board and the electronics+ video. _DSC5663 _DSC5669 _DSC5674 _DSC5679 _DSC5680 _DSC5690 _DSC5698 _DSC5702 _DSC5723 _DSC5726 _DSC5745

Make sure the receiver is connected to the correct channel for the remote, there should be 2 maybe 3. Also make sure the battery is fully charged and all wires are connected correctly between the motors and esc

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Thank you! I will try charging the battery, I hope it will help!

Charging the battery apparently didn’t help. I am pretty sure that my receiver_DSC5678 is not connected properly, since only 2 terminals on it are connected to the board, as shown in the picture.

Its not related to the issue youre having, but it would be a good idea to wrap all those connections with electrical tape once you know things will work.

You need all three pins to be connected for it to work, you also need to remove the bind plug as that will only let it sync

Thanks for the tip!

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Did this remote come with the board or did you buy it separately?

I believe it came separately from the board.

Unfortunately with alot of chinese ESCs, the remote and esc can only mate to eachother(or derivatives of the same ESC) (unless there is some mod that I havnt seen yet)

Looks like youll either have to contact the seller for one, or maybe just ditch the ESC all together(probably not what youre trying to do :joy: )


Yeah @anon64938381 is right, nearly all pre built boards need there own specific remotes as they have some sort of password lock so they only work with each other

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So just maybe buy new electronics for this thing? How much would it cost, $100, $200? Do you think that would be worth it? It has dual motor drive! Or would you recommend me to maybe buy a new board? I really want one!

You could buy a Chinese esc substitute a swap that in but you would need to make sure it will fit first.

You could also try a dual flipsky 4.20 plus (make sure it’s the plus model)

The other option is just message the company and ask to buy a replacement remote


Thank you!

Well, assuming that your battery isnt using a restrictive BMS(AHEM evolve AHEM), and that your motors will work with another ESC… you could buy an ownboard/meepo/wowgo esc and be chugging along in no time

Will those escs work with other hubs? I’ve heard they are made only to work with their own hubs

That is a good idea, thank you! I believe that my battery doesn’t have any restrictive BMS or anything like that, just the battery.

Not sure really, I dont know too much about chinese ESCs but there seem to be 3 (hub) ones that are the most common

meep/wow/own controller, diyeboard/koowheel controller and then… :man_facepalming: I cant think of it…

Ill edit if it comes to mind

If you need to buy a Wowgo or meepo esc for cheap I have one. Both were used just for a few miles then put away.

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For how much? And also what would be the price of shipping as I live in BC, Canada? Would it work for 21.6 volts, dual motor board? Thank you!