Help! My hub motor!

I went on a ride today and one of the caps on my hubs flew off. Now it seems rough when it turns. The inner can also seems to wiggle a bit… is this fixable?

Woah, are those magnets touching the stator?

Yea. The stator feels loose and doesnt seem to stay centered. Now when the motor spins the magnets rub.

Do you still have the cap? It sounds like it had a bearing that connected to that center bolt on the stator. That would explain why it’s off center now.

I do… so as long as i get the cap back on, the bearing shoukd keep the magnets from touching correct? The cap flew off and i walked it home until i could take. Close look

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It’s possible. How was the cap secured before, is it just glued on?

I’d try putting it back on and seeing if it still spins. If it does, then you should be okay so long as you manage to attach it back on properly.

Actually screws on… the motor feels like it spins but it feels a little bit rougher than before. Im worried that something got damaged when it initially flew off

It might have debris inside it. I would do a full teardown and cleaning.