Help, my motor mount wiggles on the truck

I have bought a cheap chinese motor mount from banggood and it wiggles on my truck. No matter how hard I try to turn the screws in the truck: It isn’t sturdy enough. Probably the main reason is that the width of the motor mount is to small. I hope the video explains it all.

Current motormount:

My solution is to buy this motormount: but that is again €15 to be spend…

Do you have any suggestion on what I can do? I am open for your ideas!!

keep the trucks but use allen torx screws with red(permanent) loctite. use something like jb weld as well Or buy calliber 2 truck and simple mount from @marcmt88, @Boardnamics, @TarzanHBK.

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epoxy it 10 cha

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Yeah it’s crap… I had the same mount and never used the small sharp screws. I just used bolts to fix it and it never came loose. Only problem the mount snapped after a month…

The other mount you mentioned looks better but never used it.

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you bought a terrible mount. and i’m pretty sure you installed it backwards

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I will try that, thank you! and yeas I have heard from many that these mounts snap quickly, but yeah still going to try and otherwise I will buy that other mount

Hahah yes I know it is terrible. I have installed it backwards because the motor is to wide to fit in the slot so I had to do it (to em)

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i did the exact same thing with mine. that means the hole spacing is wrong. get a new motor mount. and make sure it’s for 63xx motors

If you want a good mount which isn’t expensive I should really recommend the hobbyking motormount:

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@GrecoMan ah okay, thank you for the recommendation

@bartroosen12 forgot about those! I hope they will be instock again soon

oh please for the love of god DO NOT try to put the hk mount on circular trucks. I tried it. I drilled out the holes, tapped them to m8 and torqued them with a god damn 2ft long pipe. I also made a flatspon on the truck and JB welded it. it doesn’t hold at all

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Thank you guys for the feedback

I have bought some flat screws and they work already good, I haven’t realy tightend them and the mount doesn’t wiggle

But the mount is still crap, so I am going to order the one I mentioned. I will maybe cnc my own one if I have some free time :slight_smile: The mount I will buy looks pretty sturdy in this video:

Do we need to tell you what’s wrong? You can have cheap or good, your choice. Choose wisely