Help Needed **** 12s single drive 6374 190kv slows down after like 20 seconds

Ok so I have all Torque board parts vesc single drive 6374 190 kv motor and a 12s4p battery. My vesc settings are pretty much based off the threads so erpm limit is 60k even though I know this setup is over. I running a 16/36 gearing on 97 abecs

Ok the problem is my board rides amazing in the first minute and hauls ass. The out of no where the board limits to 21 mph and loses all Torque and braking. Is this a vesc setting or just to much strain on the setup. I weigh 195lbs and the motor had no problems with my 10s lipo setup

Negative torque limiter is off.

Motor max is 80 Motor min -60 Max amp 50 I know the other numbers are -12 and 130 but forget what is what.

Temp and everything else is what it came with.

I think your vesc is overheating . With a 16/36 gearing and 97 wheels . Might put some strain on the vesc. Also note that the torque board vesc don’t have a heatsink on them .

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Would you say run 83’s? So overheating is def the problem

This is why I’m confused though. My motor and vesc ripped me with 97’s and the same gearing setup all day when I had a 10s lipo setup. Is it just to much power with 12s… Can I limit a 12s battery to 10s power?

Check the real-time monitoring, see what the temperature readings say. I’ve had a couple vescs with faulty temperature sensors that would cause the vesc to go into thermal limiting before it was actually hot.

What are your voltage cutoffs set at?

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I had a similar issue, my board would be quick for a few seconds, then eventually power would come to a minimum. I couldn’t even get up the hill it just took me up. Wouldn’t go past 5mph. Replaced my batteries and solved the problem

How do I check that?

They are set @ 34v start and like 30 or 29v end

It’s a brand new battery so I doubt that could be the issue. I really don’t have a way of testing that from me understanding

Well there’s your problem. Those settings are waaaaaay to low. You probably overdrained your cells and killed your battery. You need to use a multimeter to check the voltage of you cells.

@namasaki has posted on threads that lion packs can’t be set that low. That wouldn’t have anything to do with my torque and speed would it? I thought that is more so for range and to protect batteries from damaging

The pack is also 532 WH so I shouldn’t see any drop in speed for a pretty good awhile if it was all working correctly. This is so frustrating because I can’t figure out while it limits within a minute

Fair enough, from what I understand 2.5V per cell is still super low. If your cells are damaged they could sag significantly and throw errors. Go to the terminal in BLDC tool and enter “FAULTS” and see if anything comes up.

Also take screenshots of your config and post them here.

I will when I get home in like 3 hours. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures yesterday. I’m really hoping I didn’t screw myself

Haha welcome to DIY, I’ve fucked up my fair share of batteries too :sweat_smile: That being said it could be a bunch of stuff so seeing all your settings will definitly help track it down.

yeah my battery limiter and cutoffs are 40 and 37.

How much speed do you get on your setup because we have indetocal ones correct?

Go into the monitoring tab in BLDC tool, it’s the one with graphs. Look for the temperature readings.

I’m running a 13/36 gearing with shaven 100mm MBS. Mine is close to 31mph loaded max speed.

Without a doubt something is going stray with your setup. You should have a faster top speed.

Check your motor mount screws to make sure they don’t protrude into the motor and touch any magnet wire.