*HELP* Needed advice on batteries

Hey all! I’m looking to build a newer better board for myself and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as to what the BEST BUDGET battery would be to use for lots of range! Looking for BUDGET batteries that have a range of 30 miles and up!

You’ll need to use probably hobbyking lipos that are at least 30C, preferably more. You will probably need six to eight “5S” 5000mAh batteries and a BMS and a charger

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And you’d need this VESC before it sells to someone else

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Budget and range are directly related variables. Almost everyone uses samsung 30q 18650 or lipo packs roughly 35c rated or higher for good reason. Buy cheap, buy twice


^ definitely what’s been said above. HobbyKing lipos are great to start off with, as long as you have over 30c discharge. Personally I run 4 4500mah turnigy nano techs in a 10s2p config giving me ~30km of range. Cost me $250aud