Help Needed - Proper Motor and Battery Settings in VESC Software

Hi everyone, I was hoping you guys could help me with my current configuration. Just built this board up with a single 6384 190KV motor. It seems quick but maybe I could get a little more torque. If you see anything that I messed up on or could be improved in the software config please let me know.

I have a 12S2P Battery 6000 MAh Rating. Trampa VESC 6 MKV.

Current config settings:

Motor Current Max - 72A Absolute Max -150A

Battery Voltage Cutoff 34V to 30V

Max ERPM - 52143 and -8000

Mosfet Cutoff - 85C

Battery Current Max 30A

Max Wattage 150000

I was told when I bought this battery not to exceed 30A Current Max?

Maybe I need a different battery for more torque or speed? So far a single motor setup is great, just looking for a harder pull. Thanks again!

Definitely go with a 4or 5 p. Battery cutoff is to low. Might ask @ShutterShock he just posted some for another person. Always 2 motors. That’s just me though. :call_me_hand:

What exactly is your battery? 12S2P, must be lipos? What’s the C rating on them?

Your battery cutoff is WAY too low if you are using lipos. Lipos you should cutoff at minimum 3.4v/cell which for 12S is 40.8v.

You should set your cutoff to be start at 42, end 40.8 or something along those lines. Until I know more about the battery I can’t offer more advice on how to improve.

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It’s a 12S2P lithium battery pack. So, it sounds like this battery is way underpowered for this motor and the voltage is set wrong?

The voltage you have set will destroy your battery in a few charge cycles and is a hazard because of that. As soon as a Lipo battery is discharged past 2.9v/cell there is permanent damage done.

I had a 12s1p lipo pack in my first board that worked just fine though, what’s the C rating on your pack?

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It’s not lipo. Here’s the model link:

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Oh god it’s Mboards. Yeah that thing is only capable of like 30A continuous.

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Yep. I know. So, what battery pack would unlock the potential of this motor? 10S4P?

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Yeah that would give you some more headroom. You could bump up the battery max to 50 and that would give the motor some more power

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Cool, thanks…

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