Help needed to improve BLDC user interface. Give your ideas about tooltip text fields!

I need you help to find good texts for the tooltips when you hover with the mouse over a parameter in the BLDC-tool. Any help is welcome.

The result looks like this

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Glad you made a seperate topic for this! Let’s see how big of a response you get from this topic! Otherwise try to change the name to something more attractive - was hard to understand what you ask for… though some other ppl might get it, even if they were not in the discussion about it!

I would go something along these lines - > Help needed to improve BLDC user interface. Give your ideas about tooltip text fields!

That would be my version… ok so let’s hope ppl chime in into this! I think @devin could also contribute, if he is willing to make the tool more easy to understand. Even if he does not own a vesc, it seems he understands the logic behind… (i hope i dont compare u two guys, as it seems both of you have a bit varying views on some of these things but still)

Man @Ackmaniac - I was thinking about this the other day! This is awesome!!

I’ll give a few ideas later, on the move now. :articulated_lorry:

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He understood how pulsewidth modulation works and how to calculate the power output. But how that feels during riding and what acceleration you get at different speeds is another story. But anyway i will flag posts which don’t belong to this topic. So please try to find a good and short tooltip text for any parameter you like. Helpful would be if you choose a Tab in BLDC-Tool and provide texts for all the parameters in that Tab.

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is this wasted effort with Vedder redoing his tool for new VESC 6? Also assuming that the new tool will work with old 4.xx VESC’s?

Could be. Maybe not. And we don’t know when it will be available.

Perhaps it should be asked to him personally, whenever he will include text descriptions… I was thinking about this too… but if it takes another 4-5months to release the new tool and that there will be still some users even after these 4-5months who use the old tool… then I think this might be worthy… especially, if you @Ackmaniac plan to release your own firmware version, too!

That is just a text which needs to be inserted into the program right? Not a creation of new functions etc… like you did with the watt mode :slight_smile:

Anyways… hard to tell… anyways I think something like this should have been developed / inserted already at an earlier stage… it just happened that users did not complain and there was probably a scarcity of time for anyone with programming skills to include such an update of firmware to make it more easy to understand for newbies and just someone who does not want to look on the forum all the time for tips…

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I am already nearly finished with all the tooltips. the FOC Tab still needs to be done. So if anybody wants to help feel free.

I started to ask my self why i haven’t done that before. But now i know the answer. Because it is so much work and code analysis. :sob:


This is so needed! Thanks for all the work.

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BTW - is there a ‘‘predicted’’ release date of the new vesc 6 bldc tool (the one compatible with the current - version 4 vesc?)

Im just interested in what ‘‘other’’ tweaks it might include what we dont have now…I would like to get a text version of instead the video one :slight_smile: