Help needed with Evolve upgrade! (Australia)

Hi all,

Looking for an experienced esk8 builder located in Australia, preferably east coast, ideally Brisbane/Gold Coast area. I have an Evolve Carbon GT currently in pieces after a failed BMS. I need the new BMS wired up to the new 10s5p battery and installed into the enclosure. Should be a simple job for someone with experience but I’m not confident in doing this myself. I’m happy to pay and pay for the board to be couriered to the repairer. If anyone has any leads on someone who could do this please help, I am DESPERATE. I haven’t been able to use this board in > 6 months and am honestly about to literally sell the parts and buy a new one because I cant find anyone around here who will fix it. You can basically name your price for the job at this point. :cry:

@TinnieSinker ?

oh dear, sorry @asuras I’ve been distracted with work. Posting the battery and bms over is a good idea. I can PM you the address

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