Help needed with mountain electric skateboard

Hello there,

Last year i made an electric skateboard and it was loads of fun. I stil ride it every week. However i live in the middle of nowhere and thought it might be handy to have a mountain electric skateboard. I was planning on making the board myself with a couple layers of plywood. After that i would make my own trucks and add some springs in there. pretty much exactly what they did in this video. Above that i would get some trampa wheels. After i had all that i was planning on 3d printing the motor mount at my school. I was planning om making my own battery with 20 of Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh - 20A batteries. I would put 2 in parralel and then in series so that would make the battery a 10S2P 5Ah battery. For the motor i was thinking about 2 Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260kv Brushless Outrunner Motor since i want to make a dual motor board. But then i didn’t know what esc to get. I want to keep this a sort of budget build so i don’t want to buy an expensive vesc. Does anybody have any tips? Thanks for your attention!

You can use this esc Look at this on eBay

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As i see from the pictures i am guessing that this is an esc for 2 motors with an on/off switch. Is that wright? Have you ever used it before, or do you know anyone who has used it before?

I have one, but I have not used it before

So what do you do with it?

I wait for parts.

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please tell me how it works when you get all your parts. Good luck with your build!!

I have done a 3D print ABS solid mount at 1/2 inch thickness on my mountainboard. I am now in the soldering phase and will finish my build in the next few days and will report back if the mount held up.

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Trucks looks like it’s really soft. Its not gonna be stable at speed. Might wanna consider getting better springs than on the video. Your batteries is not be good enough for emtb. At the least you would want 4p to have good discharge rate for emtb. Your motor kv might be too high as well. You would want lower kv for better torque. And with a bigger can too At least 6364, we mostly use 6374 for emtb. What’s your gearing?

Yeah i was thinking about getting better springs. Should i make an 7s4p battery then instead? So after you advise I am thinking of getting this motor. Do you know if it’s any good? I have not yet figuered out what my gearing is.

i have that motor on my trampa. but im running it on 12S lipo, with 10:60 gear ratio it has no problem going everywhere i ride it. i maxed it out at around 23mph.

where did you get the gears? can you show me a picture how it fits under your board please. And what bateerries are you using? 18650 or lipo? if 18650 how many A because this motor has a max A of 70

Hi @Philippe1

The first thing you want to do is source a board. You can search eBay for use Mountainboards, this will get you a long way since is the most expensive part.

The next step will be the battery. I think you should use lipos for this and go 10S or 12S will be perfect. Get 2 6S packs to discharge in series and charge in parallel. Any affordable 6S charger will be good for this.

A single sk3 149kv motor will be great but only if you are light 80kg or less.

For esc get a FVT 120A, like the TB12S. It may look expensive but will be a good investment once you want to upgrade to dual setup.

Well source the board and let’s go from there :wink:

i am looking to build a MTB too. Just wondering what ESC should use in a budget way. can i use fvt sleepinglion esc instead of TB12S? Because i saw some guy using new firmware has improve accleration and braking~~ BTW, @Kaly what is the estimated range for 12s 20ah setup?

I think that that is to expensive for me because i also need to pay 40 dollars extra for shipping. I was hoping to get something that is in a european warehouse.

I have been looking past couple of days so I guess i am just going to buy one off ebay or something like that.[quote=“Kaly, post:13, topic:22533”] Get 2 6S packs to discharge in series and charge in parallel [/quote]

What do you mean by discharge in series and charge in parallel. How do I do that?

You can use that ESC just have in mind that still the brakes are a little sensitive so you will want to practice with the braking.

On the 12S 20Ah that is massive is like a 12S-8P of Samsung 25R, it will give you over 20 miles on pavement.

Read this

For charging. You can get a parallel connector like this one

For discharging this connector