Help needed with splitting a 3D-printed enclosure from thingiverse

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would want to help me with remixing this VESC-enclosure?

My 3D-printer (Lulzbot Mini) can only handle 15x15cm prints so what I need for it is to be splitted into two printable parts with a good seam for connecting them and if possible extend the total length of the enclosure to 200mm total. Two more screw holes would perhaps also be needed on each side since it’s two parts.

Anyone able to help out?

have a look at netfabb its good for repairing messed up STL files and Im sure there is a tool in the software designed to split stl’s.

Thanks, but Netfabb has been swooped up by Autodesk and isn’t free or available for mac anymore :frowning: Netfabb also seem to offer only straight cutting. I would like a little edge or something where I join the parts for stability and glue area.

Look at It’s free and pretty easy to use. Although, sometimes the files are a little off. It will allow you to modify the .STL file.

Do you plan to glue the 2 halves together? Or have some kind of mechanical joint in the part itself?

I can probably split it for you with blender, but just wonder how are you planning on connecting the two halves. I can also probably add couple extra holes for screws if need be.

Welp, I split them and added additional screw holes.

Since I got the models in my blender, did you want something else done to them?

I’d add a lip like this around the mating sides maybe?

You are awesome! I’ve been at the premiere of the new Star wars and I’m sleeping at my girlfriends tonight. I’ll try doing a quick sketch of how to join the parts tomorrow. But basically I’m thinking a small overlap around the openings on both parts.

It’s kinda hard to explain and I can’t draw it on my phone :slight_smile:

Just saw @jackws post and thats exactly what I meant!

Did you also want to stretch the enclosure to 200 mm length wise, total?

If it’s not too much trouble, then yes please! Maybe you can export both 200mm version and original version if anyone else needs the splitted version of this.

Again thanks, I’ve had a lot of hobbies where forums has been a big part, but never have ever been on one where people are so helpful. I really hope I can pay it forward some day.

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The mating part’s length is 5 mm. I’ll upload the .STLs tomorrow


Here’s a link to the .STLs , check them first and see if they’re good

I will check them as soon as I get off work. Thanks!

Everything looks fine and ready for printing. 3h for each part with structural support. I’m going on a trip with my gf tomorrow, but first thing saturday I will start printing. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Again, thanks!

Printing in progress

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All done! Perfect fit and it’s low and stealthy. Probably gonna sand it some to make it a bit smoother.

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