Help newbee here.. battery cell question on first build

Hey folks …I’m new to the game I’ve got a first build going state the first v4 SDR…thanks DVR wizard…and duel focboxs from Pr0dy…thanks gents…so to the question i have a connection on some cells in Canada so hard to find a battery shipped here without loosing a arm…going to build a 12s4p…which cell is better to choose from …right now I I’m looking at the Panasonic NCR18650B 3400ah or LGDBHG21865 3000ah…I can get a real good deal on some LG 18650LGEAMF 2200AH…which would be the best option …and what do you folks recommend…as I can go searching for something else…thanks alot

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Samsung 30Q 15 A 3000 mAh 18650 Battery is almost always the way to go. Also please format your post somehow haha, its offending me :frowning:


Sorry to offend you but I’m far from a computer guy.And very NEW to this form site stuff …thanks for the help tho

It was meant in jest, don’t worry :slight_smile:

There’s a good thread on batteries in the start guide

Thank you sir …

Don’t know about these cells myself. So far I have read above the following cells.

Samsung 30q Sony vtc5 Samsung 25r Sanyo 20700b

I’m running a 12s2p sanyo battery now which I have built myself and use it with meepo hubs and focboxes. I like them a lot. Soon when I get my dremel to shave some wood off my deck (wheelbite) and when I get my ESCapes, I will build a 12s6p samsung 30q pack which I will use with carvon v4 speed drive r’s.

@sayekim thanks you for the info…much appreciated.ive been reading on them alot myself but as I’m new I was just thinking maybe these cell are similar to what I was reading on…I wasn’t sure if it was worth it…the codes on the side are different …i live in Canada and it’s a nightmare to find anything here…and to get anything shipped here is like cutting limbs off…300 for shipping a built battery pack.just out of control…plus us exchange and tax exchange.I’m looking at a 450 buck battery by the time it’s in my hands it just over 1000 bucks …just FUCKED…so I have to learn how to build a battery over the winter…thanks for the help…do you know anything on good lipo set up for the carvon v4sdr set up…not looking to race but good performance and a decent range I’m looking for now untill I can build a beast of a battery …

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Not familiar with lipo either. I do know however that @Namasaki seems to know them very well. I just searched namasaki lipo and first result is this:

Seems like a solid lipo build from my quick scroll through it.

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Thank you sir

No problem. Just keep reading and searching and reading. There is a wealth of information here and many of us don’t mind helping the new ones so don’t be afraid to ask either. Most of the time you should be able to find it with the search though.

As I’ve been on for a couple weeks now. And I’m finally figuring out how to find threads and old posts on this site .there piles of stuff …thank you again…I’m balls deep in the lipo section now… I know how to wire and solder and set forth read schematics… I’m a electrician… but it the low voltage battery li ion stuff I’m not fully covered in…lipo i know from r/c car racing the batteries need TLC and a bms should make it much safer and way easier to charge as I’m reading Namasaki 10s1p lipo set up he has the situation down pat it looks …thinking of adding one more to make it a 12s1 …if this works @Namasaki love to hear what you think? …thanks alot for your help gents

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I’m still using my Lipo packs on 2 boards. Good power and short to medium range with only 5ah. It’s important to get the highest C rated Lipos you can. I recommend 60c-100c

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Thank you sir…now I’ve read in your post that 12s1p lipo is to hairy of a throttle…if it was li-ion I read 12s4p is a great power set up for them drives I have …now I’m new to the high powered e skate world…I have a set of carvon v4sdr…with two enertion vesc what would you recommend …your 10s1 set up…now how would you get a bit more range if I’m needing a more…make another battery to Carrie with me ??..I’m not looking for racing specs not now anyways …just learning …my blinks2 does 18 to 20 mph get about 18 miles for range I’m light as fuck I need at least 30 mph and 15 to 20 mile rang to keep up with girlfriend…I’m a woman sizing here …5.6 140 pounds I don’t stress the motors at all…I’ve gone up some stupid inclines never thought that junk blink s2 would ever do…but it time to start the spandex biker eating skateboard build…thanks for your time and help @Namasaki

For a long range batty, it’s probably better to go with Li-ions. High capacity, high output Lipos are big and heavy. A battery like mine is only good for about 12 miles

To elaborate on namasaki’s reply and offer my own advice, I say go 12s!! It can be jumpy, but so can 8s. Think about range in terms of Watt hours. At 10s, you’re Watt hours are going to be nominal voltage per cell (3.7) × 10 cells = 37v. Nominal Pack Voltage × the capacity in Amp Hours = Watt hours. (37×Ah=Wh) Assuming you ride hard, and pull an average of 20-40 watts per mile, you can estimate the battery you want. That’s an aggressive wpm estimate, and you won’t ride that way

Example: excuse the writing btw 15312889914591441867159975111194

So for 30 miles range, 20 wpm avg., and 10s you need 16.2 Amp capacity or 13.5 Ah at 12s.

NOTE: these numbers are very subjective and are being used for simplicity of the math. Only an example, not real world figures at all

If you want that kind of range and speed, it will be expensive for sure.

Thank you for your advice @PatRocks…I did a lil bit of math and I did get what you are saying …thank you…I think I’m gonna try the 12s …

@Namasaki and @PatRocks maybe one of you could help I’ve found some lipos…I member reading tattu was a good brand… on the 10s lipo build. I’m having problems trying to find turnadigy that namasaki uses…but I have found a some names never heard of …ever heard of gens ace…couple pics of what I have found …it’s just a weird set up bullet connectors have the bms wires built in…Screenshot_20180711-125311Screenshot_20180711-124212Screenshot_20180711-125818Screenshot_20180711-125156 …I’m thinking they won’t work but i figure run it pass the site see what hits I get from them…and if they don’t work would the tattu 35 c work and which one would be better to build off of …or should I just keep looking to find a higher c rating as I see namasaki uses 60 c .and he says it so many times more current is better more mAh is better …so it hard to find both in that happy medium…

Gens Ace and Tattu are both suppose to be good but if I had it to do over again I would want to try these:

Thank you so much for all the help @Namasaki I’ll try and find some …now those smc you recommend trying I see they are the same looking full box as the Gen ace… now do they have the same wireing connection as the Gen ace 6000mah 7.4v 2s1p that I sent pic of with the bullets and the bms wires attached to the main leads ?? Lil confused how that works. Do you know ? Thanks again

The smc is a hard pack with bullet sockets for main POS and main NEG and a small socket in the middle for balance wire to Cell 1 The balance wire for Cell 2 will be connected to the POS main