Help on aliexpress battery

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to decide if I can use this battery from aliexpress

it is rated for a 13amp continues and 40amp burst but I think it’s the BMS inside that is the bottleneck, I’m thinking of bypassing the BMS and let the VESC too handle the overdischarge etc.

any help is really appreciated

I would not buy that, no indication what brand cells they have means its probably some cheap chinese li-ion - a regretful purchase for anyone willing to take it. Even if they said they use something like LG or samsung, it would most likely be fake anyway, the battery is way too cheap.

It is not worth saving money on the battery. Its literally the most important thing in the build.

Do not try and save money on the battery. It’s the most dangerous part on your build. Get a genuin battery from a legit source

thanks for the warning, I’ll keep looking, I’ll probably go with the meepo one DIYEboards everyone want a ton for shipping,

I am thinking on buying the meepo 1.5 for my build, opr the sanyo one. Still deciding, as I am on a budget

I just talked with ownborad and they have free shipping on their battery

I think it’s a good option for a budget build

I would try that option if they answered to my mails

that battery is to weak and the values are weird or wrong…don’t buy it, the aliexpress one

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