Help on DIY Evolve ESk8

Hi i’m fairly new to these electric skateboard forums and i need help and kinda recommendation as in parts and hardware for a board that performs similar to Evolve and maybe even better, trying to make the price as low as possible while at the same time not being losing quality or performance in other words no super cheap garbage Chinese parts

Have you looked into anything?? Start researching on an ESC (preferably a VESC) and battery choice (cell + Ah size), that’ll reduce your choices a lot. You’ll probably need dual motors and a 12s setup, at the minimum.

Btw the build will be quite expensive; just because it’s DIY doesn’t mean it’s cheaper :wink:

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Use the search for example searching for build thread

you can see a lot of example setups what people paid for various parts and sometimes some detail on what their experience was like

once you have some idea of what you’re looking at in terms of specs you can punch numbers in here:

or search around for other calculators that can help you determine things like range.


@vixtor.831 Hey Victor, this is how I would go about building an Evolve type board.

First of all, any nice, stiff deck that you like. The Red Ember custom deck by @treenutter is really dope, pm him, you might get a good deal for an amazing deck)

it looks like this:

Evolve have wide trucks for the dual setup, so the 218mm wide trucks from @torqueboards could do)

Get the zealous bearings, they are with built in spacers and are really good quality!

Wheels: get any flywheels, abec flywheels are nice, but any flywheel clones should do! Check out @JLabs website, they are good quality and are on sale.

Also you should get the mini remote from him, its the best price and apparently most reliable. Check it out here:

I would recommend 2* 6354 motors from @torqueboards they are 2500W each, so at 5000W you will have almost double the power of any Evolve board.

2 VESC’s should also be your choice for the ESC. @torqueboards is great. They are as cheap as it gets. Otherwise @chaka should be able to hook you up, they will have much less heat which is good for you)

You can find your pulleys and belts anywhere, eBay, , ollinboardcompany, and many more. They will be different depending on what you will want more, torque or speed)

Finally the most important, battery pack. I would say you should PM @barajabali. His packs are sick!

And a @MasterCho enclosure to finish everything off))

Hope that helps)


BTW, @vixtor.831 whats your budget?

Please do some research first. This is not a forum for people giving you answers, it is a forum for people helping you. Do some research by using the search button in the upper right, and compile a list of parts. Then post it here for advice. I understand you are new here but you will be much more satisfied with your build if you know every single part because you looked at sites, compared prices, and figured it out for yourself.

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I have a fairly good budget enough to buy a production skateboard like 1,300-1,500 but doing a DIY for something at matches me better and thank you very much for the Links :slight_smile:

Oh yeah of course I’ve looked into motors and mounts, decks mostly motors but I’ve haven’t really looked into the electrical parts that much

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Are you looking for evolve performance or evolve cosmetics for your board? If it’s performance I can recommend an excellent setup with similar to better preformance that would fit your budget well. Cosmetics are a bit harder but still doable

I dont care about cosmetics but yeah i going for a evolve performance build cause they have good speed and incredible mileage and good hill climbing

12s4p Samsung 30Q’s with dual 6374’s with 2.4:1 to 2:1 gearing would be my recommedation. Dual 6355’s would be great as well. Both setups would smoke any Evolve board


I’d say 6355s for weight most people don’t need the power of two 6374s, also battery you can do 12s4p or 10s4p i recommend 10s because fewer issues with that voltage in the long run, finally I think ollin has some evolve motors but more powerful so if u are intrested in 50mm motors then hit him up


i can attest 6355 being a monster even in single config on 10s climb crazy hills near my house

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@BoostedBuilder thx for the mention! @vixtor.831 you can see more decks on my IG feed