Help on electronics is needed

Hello, I have come up with the parts to buy for my esk8, but I am paranoid that my electrical components will not work (or work bad) together. I don’t have too much money to spend, so I really can’t afford burning something. I would extremely appreciate if some experienced DIY esk8 builder could confirm that my electronics would work properly. I’m attaching a brief description of the components as well as the links. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!


Change the power switch to a loop key and change the flipsky esc to a makerx DV6 and You won’t regret what you brought. Are you buying two motors?

The new MBoards batteries don’t look bad.

The antispark power switch is unnecessary if you just use a loopkey.

Be careful with Flipsky ESCs, they have a very high failure rate. Sometimes it’s better to just get a better one instead of buying twice. But in theory that ESC would work well for this.

My second-biggest gripe here is a single 6354 means your brakes will kind-of suck. Consider a 6384 solely for the braking ability.

Put the drive wheel on the rear heelside.

But the biggest problem I see: Don’t buy anything until you have the deck+enclosure and helmet sorted out. Don’t leave the enclosure until last as an afterthought, or you will likely be in very bad situation.

I’m doing a one motor build

Based on the suggestions made, I am planning to go with:

I don’t get why would I want to put the drive wheel on the rear heelside? Also, do you think I need a helmet? I am not experienced, for sure, but I am not planning to go too fast.

Thanks again!

Yes, you should never ride without a helmet, not even to test something out. And especially not to test something out.

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I wouldn’t plan anything until you have the deck, enclosure, and helmet sorted out.

For a helmet, can I suggest the S-one Lifer Retro or any longboarding helmet.

The deck and enclosure really need to be decided before the other components.

Please, follow this. You do not want to regret not having one. I unfortunately had a 30 second concussion not wearing a helmet, using a defective remote (didn’t know at the time), and was going over 34mph. Lesson learned.

The deck:

The enclosure: DIY Electric Skateboard Battery and ESC Enclosure — MBoards

The helmet:

That’s a great helmet.

ABS enclosures suuuuuuck. They will crack around the boltholes every single time. Also, that enclosure is very unlikely to fit that deck. Foam seals are horrible. You want a flange and a form fit enclosure that seals with butyl tape.

Check out eBoosted enclosures.