Help on this esk8 build

Hi all. I’ve read a lot in here, and about many different builds. So, i thought about you could help me with my build, and about if there misses something or something don’t have to be there, and if it’s good enough. I would like it to drive about 45-48 km/h. So pls tell if it does, and/or if i should change something so it get better:)

10s3p Battery.

HTD 5M 53 teeth Belt

HTD 5M 15 Teeth Steel Motor Pulley

HTD 5M 36 Teeth Nylon Carbon ABEC 11 FLYWHEELS Wheel Pulley

motor 6374 190Kv

12mm caliber trucks

Speed Controller (Maytech)


Anti-Spark Switch

Nano Remote – V2

Wheels 90mm 75a

So again, pls let me know about all the things u want to say about this build.

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Looks good so far, however, that setup is only going to do around 41 km/h according to this. The easiest way to get your 46km would be to go to a 12s pack, that is shown here. You could also bump up speed a little bit by changing you gearing, well size, or motor kv.

Do you mean 180mm trucks? Or 210mm trucks?

What changes of the gearing do you mean exactly then, and what wheel size do u recommend then? :slight_smile: What’s the best trucks? 180mm or 210mm?

Could go with a 230kv motor

Honestly I would recommend exactly what you have but if you want more a little more speed you could go with a 16/36 gearing and crazy huge 107mm wheels if you want though they are expensive. 180mm trucks should be fine. Again, I think you will be more then happy with your current setup, but it is up to you.

This with a VESC will blow it due to the ERPM limit.

Okay. So when you say 16/36 gearing do you mean 16 teeth motor pulley and 36 teeth wheel pulley? and if so, is the 53 teeth belt fine then?

So, my battery and motor and vesc would work great together with this setup?

I think that 10s and 190 kv is ok and below the erpm limit. However I am not very well versed with the vesc yet. The motor mount you are going to use will determine the belt length. I have enertion mounts with 16/36 that use 265mm belts and torqueboards V4 mounts that use 255mm belts same ratio. At the moment those are the only two I have used.

You could make a 18/36 gearing. That could give you speeds of up to 48km/h with your setup

Okay, but what exactly does 18/36 mean? Sounds good if i can reach 48 km/h :slight_smile:

Is the vesc bad or?

18 teeth on the motor pulley and 36 teeth on the wheel pulley and you choose whatever width you prefer

I believe a higher number on the motor pulley results in more speed while a lower number (such as 12T) will give you more torque.

Yea, okay. That makes sense.

Okay, then i think that if it is like that, imma go with 16 teeth. Then it goes around 42 km/h, and at the same time i get some torque which is great. :slight_smile:

No not at all. I come from a heavy rc background and chose Torqueboards 12s esc’s for my first two builds because they are basically rc esc’s with a modified firmware. Very simple and no issues. I own four of them. Just never owned a vesc before. However I just ordered a couple vesc x last week.

ah, okay. I’ve heard that vesc is better than esc and thats propably why i’d like a vesc. But, i really don’t know if it’s true.

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I thought as long it is under 60k it was ok 230kv with 10s is like 57k erpm

Yes those gears an belt are correct. The belt does depend a bit on the motor mount you are using though as @i2oadsweepei2 mentioned.

In theory they should work though Im not sure what motor you are using because you have just said 6374 190kv motor. Also Im not sure what the may tech speed controller is, I’m assuming it is the vesc which will be good.