Help out a noobie HELP!

Hey guys I just picked up a new vesc and I connected it to my E-board everything good and then I give it a quick rev and also everything normal until the motor picks up speed and gets in the high rpms. A loud ringing sound is produced from the motor until I back out of the remote control So I go to my pc open up bldc tool and when I try to connect it says my firmware is too old and that I need a programmer :weary: I have no idea what to do please help me I’ll attach a foto of the message I got below

You have the wrong version of BLDC tool, or you just need to update your FW.

What hardware version is your vesc, currently? We need to know exactly which before putting firmware on it.

I don’t know but this is what the firmware page says

Please help

I don’t know why it show your firmware version as X.Y, thats really strange. I would just upgrade the VESC to the latest firmware.

Here’s a link the the @jacobbloy firmware. [LINK] Here’s a link to the @Ackmaniac firmware. [LINK] Here’s a link that shows you how to update the firmware. [LINK]