Help picking my first esc

Hey guys I’m new and have been reading alot. I’m having trouble picking a first esc. Some advice would be appreciated. I’m not new to skating in fact I’ve been skating for about 17years now. I’d like to go with dual belt motors. Please feel free to ask me anything to help

Focbox Unity Trampa vesc Flipsky 4.20 Flipsky 6.6

They are many.

If u want the best for you. Let us know what u are paring it with. What battery u plan on using? High powered board. Like a 140A build or 50a build?

If it’s a simple buld get 2 of flipsky 4.12 they are good for the price they can pop up for around and under 50$. It’s Blackfriday soon.

So I bought a blink s board it a single in hub motor. The only thing is that theres no remote it looks like the remote, idk what to call it the remote motherboard is sitting on top of the esc. I can replace the remote mb or something ??

Here’s some pictures

Also idk about the battery

I doubt that you can separate the PCBs. They are meant to be used together and these ESC normally come with a pre binded remote. Also they often have a range from 6s to 10s input voltage which defaults to 6s and you need to modify it for 10s, so be careful with connecting the battery.

2.2Ah is also a bit low in my opinion.

So I’m suck with buying a new blink remote and the only way I can use the battery with a different esc is if I mod it