Help picking out batteries and esc

Hey Guys,

FNG here, Im in the process of building out my board (scrapped buying the diyeboard kits based on some bad reviews i read on reddit).

I’m pretty handy with electronics and soldering, so i can handle building the battery pack. Now the question is where is a good source for them.

I scowered ebay and found a couple options and was wondering if anyone had experience with the seller.

First option I found was the LG INR 18650’s here:

The other option was the Samsung 30Q:

I’m also still trying to figure out what setup I want. Im thinking either 10S5P or 10S4P.

I want a top speed of about 25mph (dont see the need for more than that since i’m new to this), but i want a range of 15+ miles. WHich would you recommend? I weigh about 200lbs and I just picked up the diyelectricboard 190kv 6355 (along with their mouting kit):


Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Oh, I forgot to mention, those motors arent sensored, so should i just get a regular dual motor ESC like this one from Mboard?

Also found this one from bangood, which includes the remote:


get 2 VESCs, you will be sorry when your cheap esc dies

And dont get your cells from ebay

Whats the better place to get them from? digikey? Mouser?

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Do you have a recommendation for the VESCs? diyelectronicboards? (little pricey, but i understand the value/price tradeoff)

well, i prefer the esk8 VESC 1.1 (1.2 now), FOCBOX, ESCape…

hey Moon,

Is this the right samsung that everyone tends to use?

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thats correct, if you have a bit more money you cant get the VTC6, thats like the mercedes

What are you going to do for the rest of the build?

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I think its pretty standard, but here goes:

Deck: Drop Through SLant

Riser Pads:

Trucks: Caliber 2 44

Wheels: MBS All Terrain - Orange you glad i picked orange?

Motor Mounts and Pulley: (2x) collections/featured-items/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-w-drive-wheel-kit

Motors: 190kv 6355 collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

Batteries, per your suggestion, im buying them from NKON the samsung 30Q.

Battery case holder (im going to build a cusom PCB that i’ll soder the pins into with a big ground plane to interconnect some 12AWG wires between them.

VSECS: (still looking, but leaning towards 2 of these) products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller?variant=722351915031


Its a little big, not sure if its a good choice, feedback welcomed.

I dont have a BMS, but looking for suggestions.

i THINK that covers it right? Did I miss something?

BMS is one option separate balance charger is the other option (better to get a cheap separate charger than cheap out on the BMS and have it be the source of pain and fire).

Loop key? not a big thing but good to have in there as a thing to do as extra safety measure to have some way to cut power quickly (also can take it out when going into places and locking up your board make sure nothing goes haywire while you’re away). On the safety tip any sort of safety gear? you should get a helmet at the very least for initial testing but would really recommend just wear it.

@wafflejock whats a “decent” BMS?

Im not too read up on the balance charger, so im not sure how it would be hooked up to the 10S4P setup.

As far as gear, I havent purchased any yet, but I’ll be riding in the city a lot so a helmet is a def. I have my motorcycle helmet but its a bit much…

I’ll look into the loop key as well, thanks for the info

Lots of people here actually go with the full face helmet (protect the jaw and who knows you get hit by a car might be happy to have it on, personally just using a skate helmet but good to hear either way). Regarding BMS would just say research around here see what is recommended by regulars who use them (I have no experience). Have personally heard bestech is pretty good but just wouldn’t go cheapest possible route on BMS check out reviews and all.

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THanks for the link, much cheaper than the other one. It seems a bit bulk, but i like the trigger better. ANy experience with this smaller one?

This one is unreliable

If your good at soldering theres a few open source controllers on the forum

@moon decided to buy the one you recommended. If it sucks, i’ll build the open source one. I have a 3d printer and a good solder station.

It doesnt suck. But is a little chunky