HELP! Planning a "girly" setup

Hi folks! Currently I am planning a eSkate setup for my girlfriend. At first I wanted to copy my build (SK3 - 6374-192kv, single motor,16/36T, 10s4p) but I think it is just a waste of money and especially weight because she isn´t looking for that kind of performance.

Thus I´m searching for the “best” possible setup for: Range: about 15 km (9 miles) Speed: Max. 20 km/h (10 mph), her comfort zone ist about 12-15 km/h, no fast acceleration needed!

She weights about 50kg (110 lbs) - and that should stay this way :wink:

I already got a spare Vanguard Flex 3, Caliber Trucks and 80mm Orangatang kegels!

Additionally I could spare a SK3 - 6374-192kv. I was thinking about a 6s4p batterie because I like the idea of the possibility to add a 4p4p batterie to get 10s4p incase a friend or me want to use it. There will be a split enclosure and I would leave the space for a later upgrade anyway.

What do you guys think?

Doing the same thing for my girl too atm. Vanguard flex 1, orangatang kegel, caliber, 6374 192Kv, 15/36 15mm, 10s4p because of range and hill climbing. Remember she´ll want more if you climb away on a hill or go a bit faster. Don´t underbuild. Go big or go home :smiley:

If you want to underbuild that 192kv a vesc and 6s4p will be fine for 9 miles or you can get a 12s2p pack and limit your amps on vesc for her speed and if she ever wants to go faster you don’t have to buy more stuff

I weight about 55kg my setup is:

and two turnigy Lipo 3s 5000mah batteries

range ± 10km (you can add 2 more in parallel max speed 30 km/h

you can also go with 5s or 4s in total so it will have lower top speed

I hope I helped :smile:

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My GF rides my old 42" Flex 1 Vanguard. I just updated (i still ride it occasionally):

2 x 4s 8000mAh 30c Zippy Compacts (great lipos so far) 6374 190kv VESC 4.7 w/ new 3.2x VESC Tool fw (going to try FOC next) Nunchuk (she loves thumb control) 80mm Kegels - 15mm single w/ 15/40 iirc.

I want to clean it up a bit wiring wise, but it’s solid/reliable and she is cautious enough to keep speeds reasonable (she tops out around 8-10mph).


How do u feel about those hubs

on 6S (12s is max) it climbs 9% hill easily (but you run out of battery faster, on 12S or 6S+6S parallel should be fine). In few weeks I’ll add 2 more batteries in series, I’ll tell you how it works in reply to this topic. Once I accidentally run into puddle and nothing bad happened Ps. make sure to lock nuts, once one of motors fell from hanger and slided on asphalt :grimacing: yet itstill works like new :grin:

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For her weight, I recommend a Ollin 5065 or racerstar 5065 motor. I’m using a single 200kv and I weigh 75 kilograms. Paired with a 10s3p battery will give you good range. Depending on your esc, you can limit forward max force to limit top speed. Throw on some pink wheels and it’s girly :dancer:

Or go for a premade board like the yuneec, backfire, or blink board.

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