Help please.....motor spooling issue/cut out

I’ve been running my skateboard for a month or two with no problems but I turned it on the other day and now occasionally one of the motors spools up with out the other. When it does the throttle doesn’t respond on either motor and it takes a couple of seconds to stop, by which point both motors are totally fine again. Has anybody experienced a similar issue or has any advice? Thx

Guessing you mean spins?

Are you using ppm for remote?

The vesc are running master and slave /dual can bus.

yes, but im guessing you dont whisper to the vesc to drive forward, but use some kind of handheld device? If its a ppm remote and the connector is abit loose the motor can go haywire interpreting the missing signal as full throttle.

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Yes it’s a ppm controller . The receiver is hardwired to the master vesc.

If I use full throttle on the remote and then turn it off the motors spin down as they should and don’t go full throttle so it shouldn’t be a connection issue with the remote.

Check the connector just in case, cant hurt. Does it only occour when turning on the board?

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Nope , it only happens like once every minute or so. I’ll video it when I get home.

Unless its the batteries in your remote starting to go bad. PPM connector gone loose, Or the reciever on your board picking up something.

I’d guess its software related. Never experienced something similiar other then with my ppm remote, which I dont use anymore due to safety reasons.

Is an Ollin remote and vesc . Never had a problem before. Very strange

ok so it’s the slave vesc and motor that are starting randomly. Also when it happens the red light on the master vesc flashes 2x3 times

Try calibrating the remote again… get a vid of it or somfin

getting a fault code DRV 8302 from the master vesc

Damn dude I’m sorry

Drv 8302 fault means your vesc needs to pay a visit to the DRV wizard, I have to send in 2 of my Focboxes too

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Do u know anybody Uk/ eu based?


Check the VESC PCB by removing the plastic casing, I think something is fried causing DRV error Also check you setup and wires to avoid this kind of issue in the future

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I can’t check the pcb as it’s an old Ollin aluminium enclosed vesc and the heat sinks are glue to it . All my motor wires are sunk into the deck ala LHB style so there’s no chance of the phase wires touching

just summon @chaka :slight_smile:

He’s not on the forum anymore