Help please - my board has a speed restriction!


This is my first build and I am new to VESC so looking for some help please. I just cannot get the expected power / speed out of my setup. I have a dual motor, TB 6355 190Kv, 36 tooth / 13 tooth with 83mm wheels running 12S lipo,(2 * 6S 3300 mAh packs in series, 60C). With this setup I cannot get more than 20km/ hr out of the board. When i go up hill, there is enough power to maintain the 20 km / hr but as soon as I level out on max throttle the power reduces and I stay at 20 km / hr. When going down hill I can max throttle but I draw almost no amps and I cannot get more speed.

I would greatly appreciate any help thanks.

Logs and settings below.

Many thanks.


You have soft erpm limit turned on in the ppm tab, turn it off


Yeah his erpm looks to be set at 15k

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And that is how you present your shout for help nice one


Ahh so the setting that says to limit my RPM actually limits my RPM … :slight_smile: Who would have thought ha ha

Thanks heaps for the help guys.


“Pls help my board isnt going fest fest”

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This is a awesome example on how to ask for help. Not a single “post your…” “upload some…” or “what is your…?”.

Linking to this thread on the future when people post topics made up of a single question.


He also has limit ERPM with negative torque checked. Should probably uncheck that on both esc


I agree 100% with you, everything exposed on the first post


Turned soft erpm off and tried on the bench. Crazy fast. Decided to simply increase the ERPM limit start and ERPM limit end to give me a max speed of 35km/hr. Went for a ride and it worked great.


Then I did a hard brake and it looks like I may have fried a VESC. One VESC / motor is not responding, flashing red indicating an error with a DRV8302 error whenever I apply throttle.

Could any of my settings have caused this? I did not yet uncheck “limit ERPM with negative torque” as suggested. Could this have fried my VESC on a hard brake? Any other suggestions?

Anyone in AUS who can fix a VESC?




The DRV probably was fried when the voltage spiked as you braked hard.


Can you post a screen shot of the advanced tab?

I want to check your current ramp up

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12s with 190kv, eprm is getting close to limits of a vesc, what make is it?

Actually 67k erpm if I’m not mistaken

Thanks for the help guys.

@Eboosted @banjaxxed

I realize I’m over the 60k ERPM but my logic was by setting the start limit and end limit in the soft ERPM I was avoiding high ERPM so it would not be an issue. This assumption may be wrong? Especially seeing as how the issue seemed to occur on a hard brake.

Advanced tab below and updated settings which gave me a good amount of power.

I got the VESC from esk8hubs. Their site seems to be gone so not sure what is happening there.

I have ordered a replacement chip and the electronics guys at work think it is fairly straight forward to replace. Worth a try. for sure.


When this block is checked your skateboard will apply brakes to stop it from exceeding the ERPM limits. That’s not ideal because you’re probably traveling fast at this point.

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Get a FocBox, you will be on the endless repair loop.

The FocBox has a safety feature that cuts current avoiding it from frying when something goes wrong.

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I don’t think so. The FOCBOX simply has higher rated components that reduce the chance of damage. Same software and similar hardware to the original VESC 4.12.

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All my focboxes are still working, there’s only one with a burned c49.

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