HELP please, one of my VESC stopped working

Hey everyone, I would like some advice for my dual VESC build. I have build a dual vesc esk8 long ago. the schematic was like two same circuits with 12S lipo, Vesc and then motor. These two duplicit circuits were connected only throght PWM module for my throttle. This board was sitting in my garage for a long time and now i started repairing it. Mostly only mechanical repairs. from electronical perspective i only programmed them again. Once I connected one of the Vesc to battery and it made like small pop (BTW I have antispark connectors) after that the VESC stoped working… alone. As I wrote I have connected them together on my PWM module. Problem is, the one Vesc works only if it is connected with the second one throught CAN or Through PWM module. Its like the one broken VESC has some issues working. and only with help of the other one can normally boot up . Does anyone know what to the or is the VESC broken THanks

Need more information on this statement to make a proper assessment.

If the ‘broken’ VESC can spin the motors, then it is not really broken.

Maybe the 5V supply is damaged, or the Anti-Spark on the VESC?

You need to supply more information about your setup and the tests that you have done to find the cause.