Help please vesc wont connect

Ok so about 4 months ago I built an amazing board, dual 6355 190kv, dual vesc TB enclosure Abec 11 90mm wheels 10s3p 30q cells, also installed an HM-10 bluetooth, never used the bluetooth til 2 days ago I tried connecting it to the vesc connect pro app on my Note8, it was able to connect but not read anything so I closed it but then my remote wouldn’t connect, tried everything to no avail so I had to open the enclosure to plug it into my computer but now it wont even connect through usb either, I dont even get the tone when plugging it in, I know it’s not the cable or computer because my computer recognizes the other vesc, when I tried to configure it through the can bus on the other vesc it just tells me no firmware read response, I’ve spent all day yesterday trying to troubleshoot this, everything between trying different drivers to different computers, the vesc is basically unrecognizable to any computer, I also noticed there’s just a solid blue led on the back while the one I can connect to has a solid blue and red led, is there anyway I can like force restart or flash this vesc or is it basically bricked since nothing will read it now, this really sucks because it was running BEAUTIFUL all the way up until I connected it to bluetooth :frowning: