Help Pls GT2B wont move motors

ok soi got my ollin vesc today and that was the only thing missing in my first ever build i got everything connected already and so far so good no sparks nor smoke the only thing is my brand new gt2b wont move the motors motors are working cuz can move it with the keyboard, i did motor detection and this is what i got

Detection results: Integrator limit: 151.28 BEMF Coupling: 840.13

Hall sensor detection failed: -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, 5

i dont know if its good or bad, remote seems to be binding properly but motor wont spin, Pls help me been waiting for this night for months and here i am

@Pablo_702 did you enable PPM mode in BLDC tool?

I did and and then since it wasnt working i disabled it, i really want to ride this thing tonight, im frustrated, dont known what else to try thisbis mybfirst build everything else seems to be working Allright

any luck Pablo ? Have you bound the remote - then changed the connections to the vesc from the vcc pins to the channel 2 pins ?

Honestly i dont know what the hell ibdid but its working flawlessly now, u having the same issue or just trying to help

I was yes - sorted now though. :slight_smile: Glad yours is up and running.

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