Help! programming new turnigy motors

ok so i run motor detect and it picks up one motor goes thru its paces and its done. how do i get second motor to register…meaning do i actually move the usb to the second vesc and then run program again…or does it see motor via can bus and i need to see how to do that??

loosen the tension, the motorshafts looks like theyre at an unhealthy angle, taking burden, either the mounts are flexing(weak mounts) or they’re not aligned properly. Truck axle and motor shaft should be as parallell with eachother.

Regarding the spinning, remove the belts entirely. Do they still behave the same? The drag koefficient from the belts to pulleys wont be exactly the same obv. between the two motors.

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You can do it via CAN bus by clicking the can forward button on the right side, or just plug in the usb in the other esc. Just make sure you go in both esc through motor and input wizard. Yes also input wizard as you need to set the slave to slave. It’s just one click, but important to do.