HELP! programming & SAVING settings with APS Alien Power System ESC 150AMP twin Electric Speed Controller

Hi All,

I build my board about 4 years ago and but my ESc started to have intimiten problems with 1 motor.

Bruno at APS was very kind and sent me a replacment. THANK YOU Bruno.

I have a programming box (programming card) and I can see all the settings and I understand almost all of them. All the ones I need to know about at least.

I am running 2 x 190KV 63MM brusless 3200W Alien 150AMP 2-12S car ESC twin (seperate inputs) 2 x 6s 5000MAP batteries

I have an APS anti spark switch Flysky reciever Ubec

However I can not seem to get the ESC to save the setings that I program. I have tried many different things. Turning the ESC on and OFF, holding buttons. I have tried both inputs.

The reason I why i need to do it as when I go foward everything works great however if i use he break one motor is using 100% which causes it to stop very fast wanting to propel me into the next universe. If I manage to control my stop and stay on the board, and I hold the break for 0.25secs after stopping then the board shoots into reverse. Trying to throw me off again. Its a death trap. However I still love it.

I have had the ESC set up perfectly and it was amazing and I could speed round and come to stop nicely.

Pleaae help and let me know how to save the settings. I have also downloaded the windows ESC programming software which is in Chienese. So I can used google translate to figure out the settings and once again I can not “flash” / save the settings.

I just read your problem fast…I am going to sleep, so I dont have much time ATM…

I am using APS ESC and it is really good :slight_smile: completely satisfied :slight_smile: I am using an USB link that came with the ESC, I dont know if we have the same type of ESC but I guess so…

I loved it when it worked properly, please message me tomorrow. when you have more time. thanks

Ok, so I guess you have this esc…chechk the original box if tehre is USB linker likethe one you can see in the picture of the ESC i linked…

It looks like this: image

If you dont have that, you can try contacting Bruno, he will certainly be helpful and sell you one :slight_smile: Maybe you can buy it somewhere on ebay, but I dont know how its called :confused:

Here is a guide made by APS about setting your ESC, there are three ways to do that…by reciever, by computer or programmer box…IDK i your programmer is compatibable, but programming with the USB link and PC software is really easy! :slight_smile:

Also you need comuter software, which you can download here, IDK which one you need though :confused:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the ESC should have special port for PC programming :slight_smile:

pretty sure he sells Flier escs.

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Yep, @hummie is right! Also here is the link to the USB linker from flier :slight_smile:

Thanks, Yes I have one of those usb links. I will give it try

My recommendations for the setting is forward with no reverse and just brakes…and I recommend 30% braking, not the original 50%, which is a bit too much IMO

Hi All,


I have done it, the infomation was out there and bruno had put it all together. It wouldnt work on my mac which is why bruno sent me a program card 4 years ago. anyway lucky I have found a GF in that time that has a windows laptop and I dusted it off it was running windows 7. I had to install a few things like RAR and then the driver and then the software and I wasntgoing to stop there so i installed everyone not knowing which would work.

I followed the instructions and it all worked.

I have just come back from testing and it is even better than last time. I have no reverse and the brakes at 50% as I will do fly i hit over 20mph just testing it and it still has torque to throw me off. So please.

Thanks to @aigenic for giving me a kick and making it all so clear.

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No problem man :slight_smile: I mglad I could help you :slight_smile: Your last message made my day better :slight_smile:

@aigenic If I have made your day think what you have done to mine. I haven’t stopped smiling. Thank you again.

it cost me so much money 4 years ago and the batteries all died, however I kept it all thinking one day. I have pulled it out every 3-6 months to try and fix and last time was the closest but I knew that’s I couldn’t really ride it as the breaks and reverse were too unsafe. The only reason I got this far. is that because Bruno was a legend and sorted me out with a new ESC as the other had become faulty bear in mind it was used, abused and over the warranty. WHAT A HERO!!! Excellent customer after service even if his English instructions were like trying to read a tin of spaghetti letters.

My dream when building the long board was to have a drone follow me and track me. This was before Mavic’s. This was the very beginning of the tech in the kickstarter days. I got a HEXO+ however by this point of waiting 2 years the long board already had problems. The drone crashed and destroyed its self, So they never had an opportunity to play together. Anyway enough tears it was massive and there was no way it could track me like my original thoughts.

However I found a love for drones and knew I had built an electric skateboard (well solder an xt90 badly) and learnt to solder sort of. It didn’t help I was using lead free solder from Robert Dyers and 30w soldering iron that had never been cleaned. Looking back I don’t even know how I managed what I did. So I got a couple of toys and got the feel and modified one to add a FPV camera and now I have build many 5 inch racing quads. I have even built them for other people. I love flying them.

So the process of building this electric skateboard has taught me a lot and I have come a long way. I should have saved the money and got a sports car or 1000c motorbike with the money I have spent on the electric skateboard and drones.

However it’s the smile that I have on my face now and they feeling when I am on my skateboard or flying in the air that makes it all so worth it.

Thanks to an epic community. Oh and I just checked my first email to Bruno which was 31st March 2014. So almost 4 years ago to the day.

I have seen Jason Potter @ Enertion grow so much over the 4 years and its truly epic to see what an amazing community that he has help build. I almost got the K2 kit. I picked APS & ADS as they were based in the UK and didn’t have the cost of shipping.

Enough of my life story, I need to get back and shred some more. I am sure I will be back on here asking for more advice soon or maybe in another 4 years.

P.S anyone want drone advice, build help, programming, repairs etc. Just PM me, happy to help.

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