Help! Raptor dual Cuts out for a few seconds, then keeps working

Hey Guys,

My Dual raptor has been working flawlessly for the last 4 months, but about a week ago, i was riding it home and i lost control with the board for a few seconds and then it starts working again fine, i dont even have to get off or reset the board or anything, it just rolls for a few seconds and then i get control again and everything is fine.

at first i thought it might be over heating cause i had been riding hard for about 10kms or so and it was a hot day 35 degrees.

But it keeps doing it occasionally since then even when i’ve only been riding for a few minutes, and in much cooler temps, I cant work out what’s causing it, it does it sometimes when i hit hard bumps, but it also does it on a perfect road for no apparent reason.

I checked the connections to the vesc etc, but everything seems good.

I have run my battery down to very flat a few times lately, is that bad for the batteries, or does it have an automatic low Voltage cuttoff?

I always charge my remote, so it shouldn’t be a flat battery in the remote. Plus i’ve ridden for another 10kms after it happens.

Any suggestions would be great!!!


Which remote do you have? The Winning remote? That remote would cut out on me like crazy. The first week was great with it and then it went to shit fast! Have you checked to make sure the servo connectors from the receiver to the the vesc are in good?

I couldn’t handle how unsafe the Winning remote was so I had @FLATLINEcustoms make me a GT2B modded remote. It’s awesome. Haven’t had any issues since.

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Hey Sean, I have the original remote, but lately i’ve had to play with the connection to get it to charge

Sounds like you could be having remote issues then. You need to get something that you can trust because it can be really dangerous to have a sketchy remote.

Agreed. Nasty crash due to a remote issue. Trust me, you don’t want it.

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What should i get to replace it?

The GT2B is the most tried and true. I don’t have it (I built a nunchuckRF), but I’ve heard great things :slight_smile:

Jason sent me an winning remote when, the B button on mine broke, should i stay well away from that?

The winning remote almost killed me more times than it worked. I would stay away from it if I were you.

The gt2b or e is ugly buy works you can get custom enclosures. The nano x is meant to be good. The steeves were prone to breaking.