Help, replacing an anti spark switch

We’re trying to replace the switch on an anti spark… Can anyone help???image Anti spark. image Switch. We’ve identified the two wires on the right are for the led and the 3 on the left operate the switch. Teeny JST Can anyone give me some pointers?

Do you plan on using the same wires?

I just recieved a couple led pusch buttons. You want one?


Or this


We’re having a re think. @L3chef Thanks for the offer but I think we’re possibly going down another route. The push button we had was 40mm long so it seemed a simple task to switch the switch…

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Due to inexperience and user error I got the wrong rocker, shorted the antispark and am now wiser and minus some money :smiley:

retracting my previously comment. This is what I learned today lol.