Help setup flipsky fsesc4.20 with maytech reciever and remote

Hi. So I built my first board and have been using it for about a month with a flipsky v2 remote. It has a flipsky fsesc4.20. I really enjoyed the evolve board and r2 remote, so I just purchased the maytech which is very similar. The problem is I cant figure out how to install the reciever and then set it up. I have attached pics of the reciever I have.

So far I have connected (temp connect-I know I have to put sleeves on them.)

Ground 5v Tx Rx Bat

But I think I need to connect the pwm on reciever to vesc. But I cant figure out where that would be. And connect hall to one of the motor wires. All this so far I figured out by watching videos. But I am stuck and cant find any more info.

Hey, fairly new to eskating and I am trying to upgrade my reciever for my remote as well. I can seem to get into the electronics any hints?