HELP! Shipping?!? updated

I’m trying to ship an entire eboard to someone in New York. I’m in Chicago. USPS just declined the package and mailed it back to my home. Can anyone recommend the best way to ship it? I’ve called all over and the hoops that I need to jump thru aren’t getting me anywhere. The problem, of course is the battery

Have you tried FedEx? They can ship batteries I think.

I keep trying all 3 main ones. USPS ups and fedex. FedEx seems to be the most promising but does anyone have a clear cut way to send batteries? There is just so much fog on the subject. Even the employees can’t give me a straight answer

Your gonna have a problem if there are lipos… I think you can for example send 2 3s batteries but not one 6s battery … There’s only fudging it to get it through…Aka…just put longboard on the box

DHL or a smaller service … Hit the yellow pages

Dude I’m dyin over here I tried to send an entire e board to someone who bought it from me. And it seems impossible to ship it. Problem is customer service and when I called the branch 2 days before they said it was all good to mail. I gotta go thru hell before I mail this thing

Dude send the board without the battery is you best bet right now and then figure out how to get him batteries…What type of battery ?

It’s a 10 amp hour 6s battery. And yea I was thinking about that just sending the board but then I’d pay for shipping twice

Just do it man… U gotta at least let him have his hands on the board…yeah it sucks…but gotta do the right thing…but I feel on your stress

Dude they send me 6s via mail…the label says 3s

Worst thing is if he has to procure a battery himself…and that ain’t hard

Yea I thought about that but the battery is very modified and my unfortunately my customer doesn’t have the resources to implement the changes to the pack


Got you…

You would have to ship it ground… USPS would be your best bet… I would just go in there and don’t leave until the package is shipped… yolo right?

I would say fedex is ur next best shot… Good luck and let me know what works for you…

I always ship my board from Orange County, CA to San Francisco using UPS Ground. I’ve never had any problems. I’m not sure if the regulations changed recently due to the f’ing hoverboard issues, though.

Haha that’s what I tried the first time they said we simply can’t accept lithium batteries !

When I contacted liionwholesale they said the regulations were changing this week so that may be why

seems like they change every week. I just had somebody send me a space cell USPS ground. USPS told me they wouldn’t touch them, which is why i sent all the ones i shipped via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery(which is residential ground).

I would get a FedEx account, print the label from online after selecting “batteries” under special services and Ground/Home Delivery as the shipping method, write “contains lithium batteries” on the box and just drop the whole board off at a FedEx facility. Usually you just walk in and lay it on the conveyor and walk out. They wave and say thanks. This has been my experience anyway.

I’ve never had a problem shipping anything with a lithium battery using UPS ground. BUT, you have to take it to a main UPS shipping center, NOT a UPS Store or satellite center. Because only the main shipping centers will accept hazardous materials.