HELP! Shipping?!? updated

How can I differentiate between them? Today im trying to go downtown (near campus) to do it

same with FedEx. It can’t be a mail boxes etc or one of their tinier locations. I have to drive all the way across town to get to one i can send batteries from.

So i dropped the package off at UPS today and i had to call ahead of time to the hazardous material department. The person i was speaking to told me to remove all labels from the battery and ship it via ground. he told me that if i wanted to i could tell the clerk that there were batteries in it but it wasnt mandatory. He took my name and said that if they give me a hard time to call him directly.

Just to be safe i told the clerk and i asked the clerk to confirm with her manager they said its fine…

2nd times the charm i hope

You have to go to the UPS Customer Center Not the UPS Store. You tell them there is a lithium battery inside and they put a lithium warning label on the box. You should do a storage charge on lipos to ship them. Don’t ship them fully charged.

Thanks a lot . Already taken care of. I’ll update if the package actually gets to New York

Ok, hope all goes well.

Lol did u do the double reverse? Lol

Ha!! no! id be put on the no fly list or something lol

Bwhahahahah … You’ll be mailing double reverse in no time lol

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I sent out my chinese eboard though a UPS Customer Center on Monday with the label pre printed. They didn’t ask anything about lithium batteries. It hasn’t arrived at it’s destination yet, but it seems like its going through transit just fine.

oh shit i forgot to update this. ups ground worked lol. Ups and ups air though is a no go. theyll mail it back to your house

(personal experience)

In case of difficult shipping instead of trying every single transport provider i usually post my item on and wait for offers. It’s more convinient. I shipped my board 2 times using transport provider found on clicktrans and I had never encountered any problems