HELP Soldering my batterys

hello, im soldering right now, is my first time soldering, i saw a lot videos… but do is more hard than watch. this is my first cells, and i think is a shit… i don’t know if i will have problems… or you thing is good. if the wire was less thickness it should be more easy soldering


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this is the gold end

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Be sure to scuff/scratch up the nikel strip where you want to solder

Use Flux

Pretin both the wires and the now scuffed up nickel strip

Put dab of solder on soldering iron

Marry the pre tinned nickel strip and wire

Make sure you get good solder “flow” between them

What kind of soldering Iron are you using?


Will those tabs not become a bottleneck?

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Or you thing, i can do this way. I compress the wire with the nickel tub, and soldering the extremity


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Those tabs will definitely bottleneck your performance. What thickness are those tabs? Are they pure nickle? How much power are you planning on delivering? Also, use more insulation on your cells since their plastic coverings are very thin and the tabs may easily cut into them shorting your connection.

i think is pure nikel, becouse i buy like this in Samsung INR18650-20R 2000mAh - 22A i can have 44A.

i have IMG_0335

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So you bought the strips separately?

The way 18650 packs have been build for esk8 are like Where the tabs go on the side.


like this, or more IMG_0337


This thread is giving me some serious red flags about this build. You should not be having to solder every single tab, the cells should be spot welded to eachother. So two cells should share one tab.

The current construction seems very very weak. Vibrations are likely going to break those tabs eventually as the cells are not securely held together and the wires will be able to shake around. I’m concerned that it won’t be safe.

This construction method is also taking a lot more effort than necessary and is making the pack significantly larger than it needs to be.


No fishpaper either

You are taking a huge risk RIGHT NOW just by having those cells where they are.


The part I have circled has ZERO insulation between the wires and if the slightest bump occurs and those touch you’re going to spark the hell out of it and possibly start a fire if it welds and you aren’t able to pull everything apart because it gets too hot.

You need to disassemble this VERY carefully before you set things on fire. This is urgent.


it s ok now, this was just the picture, but not happen :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it doesn’t matter if this was just for a picture. That never should have happened. This is reckless and I highly recommend you do more research into how 18650 packs are constructed and kept safe. You do NOT want thermal runaway when things start to go wrong.


There’s nothing like a big lithium spark/short to jolt some caution into your work. I made all the mistakes when I rushed into my first battery build and it’s made me extra careful when going forward. It would be good practice to wrap exposed wire tips with electrical tape when they aren’t going to be worked with for a while. Theres a lot of unexpected things that can go wrong when your building these batteries.

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Man that looks crazy. You definitely need to take care when you take the cells out of the tray again. If you short something you need to be fast to get the cells away from each other, if not you will have a lot of smoke in your room… Use more isolation, like fish paper on the cells and on the + pole. Get a spotwelder with 60-100watt plus all the things the other guys recommend


ok, i will try other way, i dont have the machine for soldering in point, i will buy nikel tab and sold, my be ir more easy than like i do

I agree 100% with @TowerCrisis. Put some more planning into this battery before continuing and go with a more well-proven method. No offense, but the way this is designed is bound to fail, and it won’t be pretty.

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@pedro when you purchased from nkon you chose the battery with tab option, you would have been much better off buying strips and welding them yourself but that’s obviously hindsight now. I think you’re going to need another nickle strip to double this up but I’ll leave that advice to the more experienced builders.