Help** Space cell pro 4

Need help with my battery. Everything was fine up untill tonight. Went for a ride to the store. I started noticing weird power delivery while accelerating. So I decided to turn around and see what was going on. Flipped my board over to see the screen was flicking. It happened in a sporadic fashion so I figured I need to open up the enclosure. This is when this white wire was loose. No the pack won’t even turn on. I can’t see where it came detached from. I am looking for someone to repair my pack. I’m in Tampa/Clearwater Florida and would really prefer something local. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! 15331771758885517798498296217407

white wire ? Sounds like a loose BMS connection for that P cell. Unwrap the pack and carefully check all the BMS voltage connections Also check the nickel strips between banks 5 and 6, at the far end of the pack and see if these have snapped.

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That white wire lol.


where is the other end of it ?

It is shrink wrapped into a bundle with the positive lead. Then I can’t see passed that. 20180802_000745