Help to build my board!

Hi. I’m new to this site and this is my first post.

I have found interest in electric skateboards, and decided to build one!

I’m thinking of buying 18650 cells, and make a 10S2P battery. Also I’m thinking of using the motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245KV.

Will the battery pack be the best to use? Or should I use another battery, maybe just buy a finished one at hobbyking? If I decide to go with 18650, which BMS should I buy?

I have already a Madrid longboard, but the wheels are too small. Thinking to buy 80mm-90mm wheels.

What kind of VESC/ESC should I buy?

I have a 3D printer, can I print my motor mount and a drive pulley kit? Or should I buy that too?

Thank you, all help is truly helpful!

Do some reading and use the search function! That’s how it works. 10s2p will disappoint you. Read the FAQ and forum guidelines if you haven’t already

I will! Thanks.

10s with a 245kv motor will fry your vesc. 2p is pretty anemic for such a large motor.

I use a 10s With the turnigy 6364 245 kv motor, if you limit the erpms to 60k, it works beautifully.

Better to use a lower KV motor though if you’re still at the stage of ordering. Possibly a 190kv?

Yep, 190kv is pretty much the standard for 10s setups.