Help to setup a cruise control with vesc 4.12?

Does any one of you can help me setup a cruise control. I’m a noob with electrical component just so you know where i stand. Here’s the idea, i want to kick my hub motor and then with a switch on under my foot wen i stop kicking the board and put my foot down it would just keep the speed i have. I’m use to have a remote control via PPM, so this no remote would be different. The best thing would be if i could have just a switch on/off on 2 of the servo wire. Let me know what your thinking thanks.

You can make it real. In theory, it works the way you said.

I think @lowGuido’s hack board is exactly what you are describing. Here is a link to the post with video. The rest of the thread explains how he did this :slight_smile:

Awsome thanks a lot guys!