Help to verify BMS bypass circuitry

Hi, I would like to seek for help in the circuitry as this will be my final step with my 12s battery setup.

Appreciate kind inputs and thanks! Power%20systems%20wiring

looks good to me.

12v Reg. is that a step down?

Yep thats for leds, thanks!

What regulator are you using?

Reg This regulator

Just keep in mind that you will need to plug in your antispark to charge it, in the current config. That’ll also turn on your vesc.

You could hook it up before the antispark, but then your charge port will always be live.

What I did was have a second antispark plug inline with the negative that leads to the BMS, so that the main battery negative was split (one part goes to vesc antispark, other goes to charge antispark)

That worked out pretty nice because I had two ports right next to eachother, and I didn’t have a constantly live charge port.

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Thanks for the reminder, since I’m using the Flipsky VESC 6, the VESC will have a secondary power switch. I’m wiring it after the key switch just as u mentioned, I don’t want the BMS to be on all the time.

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VESC’es will be secondarily turned on by 1 switch for both connected BY CAN BUS

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What about the balance wires. If you get the balance wires wrong, you will burn up the bms.

Also, what type of battery Li-ion or Lipos?

Li-ion, balance plug I’m sure about thus I don’t need to put it in the diagram.

No fuse at all ?

I built it into the loop key

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The bypass circuit is wrong!!! Please take note, it may even be dangerous!!!

The “B-“ cannot be after the Break Loop Swich, since the balancing wires will have the last wire will function as Negative minus 1 cell count. It will feed negative to all electronics after the break swich negative utilizing only the balancing wire.

If happens that I forget to plug in the Break Loop key/switch and throttle the balancing wire will not be able to handle the amp draw and burn.

Phew! Luckily I have the volt meter, when I plug in my positive terminal without the XT90 break loop and I saw the Volt Meter came on and that’s how I discovered.

Anyways, hope I learn something today.

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