Help! Torque boards 6374 190kv motor rattle

I recently built my first electric skateboard I am using the torque boards 6374 190kv motor and 12s 2p battery , after just to ride my motor started making noise like a rattling inside I didn’t get any dropping power or noticeable drop in performance but when I got home after further inspection of the motor I can see through the seam between the part that mounts to the motor mount itself and the barrel that spins there is something inside that looks like a ring or a plate that is moving back and forth and jiggling around please help how do I fix that what is that has anybody dealt with this in the past any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanks!image

can u upload a video of the rattle?

I tried from my phone and its said something about a format issue let me try from the computer.

gotta upload it to like youtube or something, the site doesnt support video hosting idt

That should do it


Loose magnet

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Hit them up n have them send you a new one!

Yeah they really haven’t been helpful I tried there chat feature all they did was referred me to their email address for tech questions couldn’t answer anything on the chat sent two emails with video yesterday still haven’t heard anything back I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have something to go on with them :man_shrugging:t3: Just kind of sucks really wanted to ride this weekend :unamused:

That’s the magnet retaining ring mine came loose too I just cleaned it up and used 648 retaining compound and pushed it back in place. You have to let it set for 48 hours then you can ride again.


Yeah. That’s usually how things go down with them! I do like @Battosaii answer better than mine. Try that n hopefully that will get you back on the board for the weekend.
I would definitely have them replace the motor regardless

@Battosaii Do you have a picture of what this compound looks like and where I can get it ? Also thank you very much for the help.

@Battosaii are you talking about this stuff image

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Yes that’s the stuff it’s green

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@FranciscoV yeah I think I am going to wait talk with them before cracking it open but good to know it can be fixed and how now … I still need a tutorial on how to disassemble and reassemble it.

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You just remove the snap ring and the spacer and the motor pulls apart.


@Battosaii ok cool thanks so much! And yep now that I see it open that’s the little jerky problem for sure what causes that ?

Bad application of the Loctite at the factory or shitty Loctite it’s a manufacturer defect. It’s a recent issue cause they didn’t have this issue before. Hopefully TB can have this sorted out soon but alreast it’s an easy fix.


Safety precaution: BE FUCKING CAREFUL putting the can back on the motor, it will snap into place so hard and without warning it can probably take a finger off


@b264 holy shit,ok thank you for the heads up!

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@Battosaii yeah they are definitely not known for being bargain brand parts ,so I guess we’ll see what they decide to do.