Help! Trampa HD-60T Vesc broke upon set up ( Motor Detection )

Having a nightmare with Vesc’s!

First had a flipsky wired it all up then upon motor detection only the master side worked, then after a few tries couldn’t connect at all ( although I believe it was shipped with only half working ) Currently trying to get my money back

But anyway I thought I’d buy a trampa vesc HD-60T, just set it up all lights working fine then upon motor detection it popped up “Vesc disconnected” and the lights on the slave side went out while the master side wheel began to spin.

It seems the slave side has died. No lights, no connection through usb / wireless, while you can still connect to master side.

Just wondering is there something I’m doing wrong? Just bit weird how both have Vesc’s stopped working after motor detection.

Going to phone Trampa on Monday and hopefully pay them a visit as I live kinda close.!

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Can we see photos of the motor connections, also did you make any firmware changes?

From my understanding, the two motor dirvers are connected internally via some type of interface. There is a chance something has become unseated.

Maybe you would consider removing the top cover and look inside.

I was thinking of waiting till Monday and speaking to trampa before I look inside.

But yes, I did have to update firmware from 5.1 - 5.2. Had a bit of a problem at first, had to upload a new bootloader then i was allowed to go onto setting up the motors. Its then on motor detection it seem to have blew.

That’s motor connection, not heat wrapped yet but slotted in nicely.


Probably a good idea, im sure they will be able to guide you through some troubleshooting steps.

The reason i asked about the motor connectors is to make sure you have solid solderibg joints and no chances of two phases touching each other. Your photo isn’t telling the whole story, but seems you have the bullets insulated well.

Ive found that one of my motor mount screws was slightly longer than others and shorting the motor. Im guessing this is the problem, but would it cause the Vesc to blow? Would think it would still power on and show a fault code, but no lights or no connectivity.

A shorted motor can certainly destroy a controller.

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