Help - unbalanced 10s4p battery pack won't charge


i think I short circuited my battery pack accidentally and it won’t balance charge from my turnigy reaktor. it’s reading some cells are waaaayyy to high at 5v. the turnigy reaktor won’t balance charge it and just giving me an error. do I need to discharge the cells first at a certain level before I can balance charge them again?

Check the contacts of balance cable.

Ive sometimes get incorrect voltage if contacts are dirty.

Though i agree it is weird that it is close to 5v in your case…

I once got broken balance cable (only one) and it showed 0volts for one group and about 9v for the next one.

Try to jerk around or clean contacts. Not entirely sure what might cause such voltage readings in your case…

Btw nice charger. Didnt know reaktor 30a is capable of 10s charging

Whattt?? I’ve never seen cells hit 5v.

Check them with a multi meter or lipo checker if they are indeed that high dispose of them safely. That is NOT worth trying to fix. Only fix when they’re too low

Try to use multimeter to check every cell. Mine happen same thing with you. And realize that the balance burn and need to resoldering from the cell.

thanks for the replies.

I tried discharging the battery pack, now it says voltage is too low, but one of the cell is still reading at 5v. will dismantle this and check each battery tomorrow. hopefully it’s just a case of a burnt balance lead. I was fixing the power switch earlier and the + and - terminals touched for probably a good 5 seconds before I could separate them from the ensure. after that, the reaktor read the different voltages for each cell.