Help upgrading chinese skate

Hi again to all, I decided to upgrade my Chinese off road skate, and I need some help. First, I want to maintain the table, the wheels, trucks, the chain transmission ( diy ) and my twin motors ( I paste the Specs: KV: 130 Max current: 65A Max Power: 2800W Idle current: 1.1A Resistance: 49MΩ Cell count: 8~12s Lipoly ) Starting with this, I want to buy a trampa VESC 100V 250A - 22s, with his controller. I want a minimum 21mh battery, but I don’t know which brand or model, including BMS. Some help with this? The other components I’m not sure all the components I need… Know before change the motor and transmission of the Chinese skate, at first go perfect, but after a year the esc cut off suddenly when I went uphill, and Im not sure if I change only the battery goes good ( esc with no sensor can manage maximum 25 a ), cause the manufacturer said to me that these motors with this specs, maybe fried the esc or doesn’t works properly. Some help with this. Im not sure of which way decide… Thanks so much for your help.

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Not an expert in all things BMS, but to get you started there are 2 flavors. There are charge only BMS (separate port) and there are charge and discharge BMS (same port). Always read the fine print and see what options you need/want in a BMS. Some do active balancing while charging while others bleed off excess current thru resistors on individual cells when they get close to a full charge. I’m not a fan of bluetooth enabled anything but at the same time it does give you the option of monitoring the charge cycle and alerting you to any problems that may arise.

I’ll leave esc recommendations to more experienced ESK8ers. I’m fairly new at this myself.

For battery, you would look into the Molicells p42a. There should be a few battery makers here like @TheRef. The trampa vesc is good. I can’t say much there.

The second part sounds as if you blew the esc with your set up. If you’re experiencing this issue while you’re moving on flat surface, you need to change the esc. Battery is kinda different. You need to examine your pack for faults if it’s the battery (usually can be horrible spotwelding).

Hey there, high there, ho there! I saw the “Batt” signal. :joy:

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First off why do you want such a high voltage? Especially if you only want to go 21mh. That’s seems like a huge waste of money for what you will be using it for. You would also likely have to upgrade the motors going that high of a voltage.

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Also if you wanna have any fun I would recommend upgrading the esc. But you don’t need to shoot for the moon here.

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Thanks for all your reply, first I don’t know a lot of batteries, Usually I have a lot of hills to climb in my normal use, so I suppose that I need: -a low relationship of transmission ( did it ) -two powerful motors with high torque ( I bought it )

  • with the battery I’m not sure ( I need to do 10 km but with a lot of hills with sand and grass water ), I supposed that need more mh, now I have 10mh, and when start with battery new, I need to get down some hills… Cause if not, spend a lot of voltage of the battery. So I thought that need more mh… But not really sure…
  • With the esc/Vesc, I supposed too that I must need one that can handle my motors, I was reading a lot and I prefer to spend more money in a Vesc, but the same that with batteries, I’m not really sure… That’s the keys of my upgrading, which Vesc and batteries is the best choice for my needs…
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