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HELP! Vesc programming!

I been dealing with my board for over 6 months. And have yet to use it! It all comes down to the vesc. I’m not sure on what website or how to program it. So if anyone could help me out with step by step or Willing to talk me through it would be the best! Any info would help at this point!

I am going off the clock right now but I will be back in the shop tomorrow morning. If you you still need assistance tomorrow I will be happy to run through configuration with you over the phone. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

@Kaylee1389 Do you currently have the bldc-tool installed on your computer? If not, what operating system are you using?

chaka, Is there a step by step guide on this forum or vid. From scratch.

You can check out the VESC fan’s here:

There are a couple videos linked there as well. The motor detection guide has a very comprehensive video that goes start to finish on setting up your BLDC motor with the VESC.