Help vesc x not working

So i have been using my board for around 2 months and today i was about to take it for a ride but when i turned it on, the vesc would not respond. At first i thought it was a bad connection so i checked all of them. However after opening my vesc i found this.

So i’m wondering if i can do anything to fix this.

@al8793 check your PM :wink:

Connect to BLDC and see if it’s throwing any faults.

nope but from what i can see there seems as if something has blown

Are you referring to the chip by your thumb? It’s hard to tell, could just be glue or flux on it. Or the larger cap below and to the left of that chip?

Does it light up at all when given power?

it lights up then shows that it is connected(green light) but my controller isnt even on. When the controller is connected the vesc receives the signal but the motor doesnt turn.