HELP what belt type is this?

I’m just wondering what belt type is this as I plan to design a new pully for my wheel as my wheel is only 60mm and I dont really want to buy new wheels for my board unless its a last resort.

The seller doesn’t list belt type, pulley type or tooth number … Most likely he or she doesn’t know what they are selling. Better to look for someone else to buy from.

That’s a 3m tooth profile. It’ll work but you’ll have mad belt slippage. Going 5m tooth profile will help eliminate belt slippage. You could always run am idler on 3m.


What he said :arrow_up: Also buy cheap, buy twice :wink:

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Thanks for the help sadly i didnt know this when i bought it a year ago and now i bought a new baord so i needed to move it to the new board. i have noticed the slipping whilst riding but Im going to use the 3mm tooth pully for now until I get the small 5mm tooth profile pully gets delivered . thanks

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Further down on that listing, one image says it it is a 225 mm belt. But I agree with others on this post, you should probably buy something other than this kit.