Help! When I'm charging my 14.8V battery, my charger says 15.49V and continues to climb. Am I gonna kill the battery?*SOLVED*

Sorry for the complete noob question but I’m so close to having this done! Just gotta charge the batteries, then it’s off to the races! Thanks guys!

if youre running lipo. it should charge all the way up to 16.8 to be fully charged

14.8 is only nominal voltage.

thank you so much! I’m back to charging again. Literally so close to riding I’m basically shaking

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haha is it your first ride? or first build? im gonna look for it i hope you posted pics

im sure you know this already but 4s is low for eboards so you dont get disappointed.

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first build and first ride! I have 3x 4s batteries that will connect in series but charge individually, I just finished soldering the xt90 connectors and got the charger up and running to bring the first battery up to it’s full charge!

I ordered my parts back in march and basically have had everything either break or not work at least once. had to get 2 sets of wheels, 2 sets of trucks, 2 sets of pulleys, an expensive antispark power button that I ended up not needing…I wasted at least $400 on unnecessary expenses, i’ll include it all in my build log as soon as I have a working board!

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OH so youre running 12s! good man!

oh man thats the nature of the beast. The first board costs as much as 2… even with this forum it really is much trial and error! Im excited for you! i remember my first eboard 2 years ago… good times This guy was built before forums and the wealth of the internet ( couldnt find my first first board) Now im building next level stuff!

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dang look at those bungee cords! As soon as I have the money for another 12s rig, I’m totally sending it off to you to get repackaged as a slim pack. If you don’t mind, can you take a look at this diagram I drew up and tell me if this is how I can connect 3 batteries in series? remember I’ll also be charging them individually, which is why there is the pair of connectors on each battery before the series connection. Will this equal 12s?

yes your diagram is correct :slight_smile: dont let the spark scare you. little spark = normal current jumping big ass hell fire spark= wrong connection

And ill be more than happy to slim them up for you!

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hells yeah! If my phone wasn’t broken I’d totally share some pics with you, but alas it broke yesterday after dropping it for the millionth time. build log coming shortly!

haha okay ill be waiting for them. make sure you tag me in the build log so i see it.

will do!

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I’m with you

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Glad we’re not alone! The worst is finding something for significantly less than you bought it for