HELP! Where are the spuds?!

Looking for a Jet spud 29’’ Deck!

They’re hard to find since the manufacturer stopped making them. Also re-sellers are running empty :confused:

I’m not sure where to find them, I won’t be able to help you there. However, if you want to make your own @lox897 has made templates for any deck.

The Jet spud 30" is there I believe.

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@unik sells spud style decks

Or try searching for “Jet Potato 29” Should be the same deck

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I have searched for months, called everyone and no one has any, or knows when they will be back in stock. :neutral_face:

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He does however, its twice as expensive and they’re not in stock :frowning:

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They were in stock a month or two ago. Just bad timing. You could try the potato 33 or rocker 34. Pretty the same but a bit more leg room.

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it’s not the same deck. It’s 29, shape is similar but I have removed the ultra concave in the middle to have flat area for the batteries.

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Well I had one but I broke it, but there is a board that is pretty much identical, I can surely find it for you if you want. But findin a spud will be hard though.

Edit: Darn it, cannot find the board, do not even remember thhe brand. But somehting roughly the same size, rather similar construction and most importantly the same (even bigger) wheelbase would be this.


@michichopf: Soda Factory? Clutch and Candy Spanks-models. They seem to be really rare though.

I actually found a Candy Spanks on a flea market the other day for 10 bucks.

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That looks pretty sweet! Put some bindings on it and shred!

Would there be any interest in a group buy for these decks? Maybe a Chinese deck manufacturer could produce em

Mayby, but keep in mind that for 100.- upwards you get an excellent board in that size/wheelbase. I myself like to know what I ave under my feets and that i can trust it. Hearing ripping wood in a turn is the scariest thing, no more :slight_smile:

Well I don’t have any experience in deck pressing/making. I’ll just ask for a price and then we’ll see

  • I’ll order a sample 1st to test it :smiley:

this is the same concave as the potato but with a more directional shape.

and the 33" is just turns the micro tail into a almost full tail. tempted to get this and sell my spud but its pretty used already :joy:

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How did you break a spud?

Okay prices are turning out to be very cheap, orders above 100pcs makes it <25$ per deck. Will order a sample soon and test it fully then let’s start a GB.


Anyone who has a 3D model of the spud?

You need domenaions or a 3d model?

Oh sorry badly written from me. I ment i had a cheap clone board brake under my feet in a turn when I was a teenager. All the layers came apart. Im sticking to my bustin,sector9 and jet decks since then.

I need the exact concave